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• We do believe that the development and junior players are the most important foundations of the future of the game we all love. 

• Each club must have its own safeguarding policy ( could use the BWB policy) and named responsible person to ensure their members are safe. 

• The club's safeguarding responsible person has to ensure any juniors attending the EWWB competitions have either their parents present or have the parents' permission to go with their trusted person. It is important that clubs ensure the DBS checks are up-to-date for the coaches and the safeguarding responsible persons.

• At no point a junior player should be alone with any unauthorised adult in a closed room. 

• Clubs are responsible for checking and disclosing details and advising of any of their members who have had offences against young people, before registering with EWWB. 


• Please follow the safety rules at the venue. 

• Each club, is responsible for arranging its own insurance for players, coaches, officials and accompanying supporters. Some clubs are using different insurers but you could ask around. 

• Each official is responsible for arranging their own insurance. 

• Each club needs to advise the organisers of the names of any qualified first aider they have in their squad. 

• The venue is a school and there is no smoking or vaping anywhere on the premises. Those who wish to smoke or vape need to walk or push a short distance, outside the school. Anyone found to be smoking or identified by school staff or their CCTV,  may be dropped from the competition and asked to leave. Team managers are responsible for ensuring their team members and followers are aware of this as it can affect individuals and their teams. 

• In case of fire and fire alarm, everyone needs to use the exit doors at the lower or upper level of the venue to the open areas of either parking and not use the lift. 

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