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EWWB aims to develop the game we all love with more emphasis to create opportunities for those who get fewer chances in the National League. We aim to offer more support for new and developing players, juniors and female players.

We offer player and coaching support where needed. As such, some of the players may support more than one team, but need to be clear with this at the time of registration.

Levels and Divisions

• First division in EWWB can have up to 4 players who have played in the first division of BWB in the current or the last 3 seasons. They must have on the court at all times, at least one player who has not played higher than the 2nd division of BWB  (in the current or the last 3 years) We don't want a whole BWB national first division team and it has to be combined with players who have only played for the lower leagues on the court at any given time.

• Teams in the second division in EWWB should not have more than one player that has played above the second division of BWB, and any time on the court must also include players that have played in lower divisions only. Female and Junior players may be exempt if approved. 

• The third division of EWWB should only have players with experience up to the third division of BWB. Female and junior players may be exempt. 

• Division 4 of EWWB is for new and development players only and may be assisted by one person who has played in BWB third division league level only ( in the current or last 3 years). 

• When the teams play in two stages of the league (mostly the winter league), their ranking in the first stage determines which division (1-4) they continue to play in the league, regardless of the players they had when they started the league. 

• However, if we have a large number of teams participating and the levels are very clear, some divisions may start from the first league day.


• We are trying our best to keep EWWB events functioning well and remain as successful, competitive, pleasant and fun as before. It is not easy to get it right and perfect all the time, especially with our limited resources. As such, we will all have a role to play to contribute and support to make our events better and sometimes have to improve our rules and arrangements. Any constructive comments and suggestions are welcome in person or in writing, preferably by the team managers who would then communicate back to their squad. 

• It is easy to get carried away and have high expectations that at times could be unrealistic. For instance, if a team chooses to have development players in their first or second-division teams, they need to explain this to their players and ensure they all have realistic expectations. We always advise teams to try and give their development players a chance in Division 4 and Division 3 and we can help by finding more players when they are short of players.
However, although it is good to provide a chance for developing players supported by experienced players, in such cases, expectations have to be realistic.


We are looking for sponsorship support. If you are a business and wish to support us and be a partner, please contact us, and we will include you on our website and publicity.

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