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• We do our best to address any issues or concerns and ask the team managers/spoke person to discuss such issues with the organisers. In case of any dispute during the game days, the organisers will consult the officials and make the final decision.

• Any other unresolved dispute could be sent in writing to the organisers. If the final decisions are not deemed satisfactory by either party, the players or clubs in question can withdraw from participating or be asked to leave the competition. A proportional refund may be issued if all fixtures to that point have been fulfilled. 

• Any disrespectful or violent behaviour would be unacceptable and not tolerated and the clubs responsible have to ensure the players involved are removed. 
This may lead to a ban on the players and clubs responsible. 

• We understand that each individual may have different behaviours, aspirations, and expectations. The organisers reserve the right to refuse or cancel the registration of players or clubs which are deemed as not the right fit for EWWB. 


• We are trying our best to keep EWWB events functioning well and remain as successful, competitive, pleasant and fun as before. It is not easy to get it right and perfect all the time, especially with our limited resources. As such, we will all have a role to play to contribute and support to make our events better and sometimes have to improve our rules and arrangements. Any constructive comments and suggestions are welcome in person or in writing, preferably by the team managers who would then communicate back to their squad. 

• It is easy to get carried away and have high expectations that at times could be unrealistic. For instance, if a team chooses to have development players in their first or second-division teams, they need to explain this to their players and ensure they all have realistic expectations. We always advise teams to try and give their development players a chance in Division 4 and Division 3 and we can help by finding more players when they are short of players.
However, although it is good to provide a chance for developing players supported by experienced players, in such cases, expectations have to be realistic. 

• We try to provide support where possible, with players or coaching help if asked and depending on availability and if possible. 

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