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We try to reward and acknowledge exceptional effort, progress, and exemplary behaviour when possible. 

We ask the team managers and coaches to bring to our attention of those they see in their own or other squads who may deserve acknowledgement. 

Clubs that have been with us for two consecutive league seasons will be rewarded with 10% team registration discount for the following league season. 

In addition, a team ( playing and non-paying members) that shows the highest sportsmanship and best behaviour during any league season would get 10% off their player registration for the following league season. 

There would be a range of trophies and rewards for each league season. 

We are also grateful to all the clubs, all players, coaches, team staff, supporters, and all wonderful patient officials who have been supporting us to make EWWB become the successful league it is, and the place to be, and count on their kind support in the future.


 We all want to enjoy ourselves and develop all aspects of the game we all love. So, please respect and support each other and other teams. Respect the staff, and the organisers, it is not easy at all to organise such size of the league and get it right all the time despite limited resources and with no staff.  

We understand that each individual may have different behaviours, aspirations, and expectations. The organisers reserve the right to refuse or cancel the registration of players or clubs which are deemed as not the right fit for EWWB.

It is only together that we can set a good standard and improve each year. Let's manage the expectations fairly, develop, enjoy, and make EWWB better together.

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