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• Most rules and Points will be the same as BWB, and the latest classification when a player played in the BWB league is fine. Although we have classifiers that can advise on your points.

• We will be flexible on the points system and will consider special requests where possible- please advise before match day. As for the unexpected last-minute issues, the match day manager will make decisions on the day. 

• Points are relaxed in 3rd (up to 20) and 4th divisions (no points system). In the second and first divisions, you must have at least 3 classifiable players on the court at all times. Unless discussed and approved beforehand.

• One timeout per half per team. 

• Most games are played with 2 x 20 minutes. The games are running clock. If the scoreline is close, the last 2 minutes of the game would be stop-clock. 

• In tournaments or when due to unexpected delays or issues we are running late, the game times may be adjusted. 

• 4 personal fouls allowed. 

• Unless advised, we aim that games in the league would start in two levels, a higher level and a lower level. The results of the first stages will place teams in divisions 1-4.

• Therefore, any new players registered with a club after the permitted time, has to be new or developing player, unless agreed by the organisers. This is to maintain the levels achieved in the first stage.

• Some results may carry forward for teams that already played against each other. 

• A clear team list with names, points and vest numbers of registered players should be made available at the start of the day. We do not want any delays to the games or stress for the officials, where there is no or late team list or if it is written poorly, last minute, and requires translations. 

• In an attempt to reduce stress for the officials and to maximise the play time, the substitution process will be simplified. Substitutions can happen when a basket is scored or if the ball is out of play. The players being substituted are called by their coach to go off from their own defensive half and once they are off, substitutes could enter the court. 

• Coaches are responsible for ensuring no player goes on the court unless the players being substituted have gone off the court. If more than 5 players of a team are on the court, a technical foul will be awarded against the team.

• In case of a draw at the end of the normal time, one 3 minutes extra time is played and if it goes level again at the end of the 3 minutes, it will be a sudden death, and the team that scores first would be the winner. 

• The other rules will be the same as BWB with organisers and officials having the final say in case of any disputes. 

• Any juniors or players with limiting abilities who can not reach the hoops when shooting, may get a point when they hit the net. This needs to be advised and should be discussed before the matches.

• We try to provide support where possible, with players or coaching help if asked depending on availability. 


• Clubs and players are required to follow the venue rules, keep the venue clean, and respect the staff. 

• The school is a no-smoking venue. Smokers need to take a little walk/push outside the premises. The Venue is strictly a NO PET ZONE. Please do not bring animals inside the school. 

• In case of fire and fire alarm, everyone needs to use the exit doors at the lower or upper level of the venue, to the open areas in either parking and not use the lift.

• There are some basic refreshments and hot and cold drinks on sale, but no sandwiches or hot or cold food. 


• Once we have all the confirmations as to what club is putting how many teams, and with which registered players, we will work on and advise the appropriate structure and divisions, and fixtures. (Each fixture would be advised a few days before the game day). 

• We will let club contacts have the timetable for each game day as early as possible, but they need to keep an eye on any last-minute changes and inform their members. We reserve the right to make such changes when we need to or are forced to do this at short notice. No-shows or late cancellations are subject to a small fine.

• Ideally we start with 2 levels and then go into 4 divisions based on earlier stage results. However, if the team levels are very clear, and we have a large number of teams, some divisions may be identified from the beginning. Ultimately we want teams to have a chance to compete at different levels first and then to compete at divisions with teams that are more competitive and at similar levels.

•  Some friendlies may be arranged between teams that are at borderline levels. 

• Teams are required to be ready and available at least 60 minutes before the announced game times, to prevent delays and in case of any last-minute changes. 

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