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• There is a form for team registration on the EWWB website. 

• Clubs need to fill in and send the team registration form within the allowed deadline. Early registrations get a reward discount. 

• Clubs need to identify a main contact person, a team manager of game days, and a welfare/safeguarding person. In some clubs, the same person may be responsible for the 3 tasks.

• Clubs are responsible for registering their members and taking their details prior to registering them with EWWB. 


• Clubs are responsible for checking and disclosing details and advising about any registered member who has had offences against young people, before registering with EWWB.

• Players can be registered at any time prior to the start of the event. This needs to be done via the club. 

• A team list of registered players should be sent to the organisers at least a week after the club registration with an updated list sent a week before the start. However, new players could be added and registered after informing the organisers and their approval, at any stage. 
• Any players registered after January for the winter league (and after May for the Summer League) can only be new or development players so that the latter part of the competition is not compromised unless agreed by the organisers for special circumstances. 

• Able-bodies players will be classed as 4.5 points. Female and junior players get 2 points off, with a maximum of 2 players with reduced points at a time. No team in Division 1 or 2 should be over 17 points in total. Division 3 can be up to 20 points unless in special cases and approved by the organisers. Division 4 has no point system. 

• We encourage experienced players to support and create new teams. A player can play for more clubs but needs to have been accepted by organisers,  registered, and paid for by both clubs at least a week before the start of the tournament or league

• Clubs are responsible for advising the organisers and if agreed, registering such players on time.  


• In special circumstances the organisers may decide to waive this requirement, allow a late registration or grant permission for a player to support a third club. 

• Female and junior players will be looked at favourably for registering and supporting different clubs, and may be exempt from the named players in first and second division and in the Ladies team, but need to inform the organisers and get approval beforehand.

• Clubs with teams in different divisions, need at least 5 named players in higher division that would not play in lower divisions. 

• The first division in EWWB can have up to 4 players who have played in the first division of BWB in the current or the last 3 seasons. They must have on the court at all times, at least one player who has not played higher than the 2nd division of BWB  (in the current or the last 3 years) We don't want a whole BWB national first division team and it has to be combined with players who have only played for the lower leagues on the court at any given time.

• Teams in the second division in EWWB should not have more than one player that has played above the second division of BWB, and any time on the court must also include players that have played in lower divisions only. Female and Junior players may be exempt if approved. 

• The third division of EWWB should only have players with experience up to the third division of BWB. Female and junior players may be exempt. 

• Division 4 of EWWB is for new and development players only and may be assisted by one person who has played in BWB third division league level only ( in the current or last 3 years). 

• When the teams play in two stages of the league (mostly the winter league), their ranking in the first stage determines which division (1-4) they continue to play in the league, regardless of the players they had when they started the league. 

• However, if we have a large number of teams participating and the levels are very clear, some divisions may start from the first league day. 

• Any players who may not be able to afford the registration fee, advise us privately and we will help. We will not exclude anyone if genuinely unable to afford it and will surely support them.

• We understand that each individual may have different behaviours, aspirations, and expectations. The organisers reserve the right to refuse or cancel the registration of players or clubs which are deemed as not the right fit for EWWB. 


• The rules may have exceptions if agreed by the organisers on special circumstances. 

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